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Gold filters for coffee

The permanent coffee filters for perfect coffee enjoyment - practical, durable and ecologically sensible

The permanent coffee filters for perfect coffee enjoyment - practical, durable and ecologically sensible

All-metal gold filters GF4M and GF4MB

All-metal gold filter GF4MB

The new, patented all-metal gold filter from seleXions does not use any plastic at all; it consists of a single stainless steel foil with micro-openings, which is completely covered with an additional protective, golden non-stick layer of hard titanium. This simplifies cleaning and extends the life of the permanent filter.

All-metal gold filter GF4M All-metal gold filter with coffee machine All-metal gold filter with Porcelain filter holder and coffee pot

Gold filters GF4S and GF2S

Gold filter GF4S with scale (1)

These permanent coffee filters are made of stainless steel foil encapsulated in the plastic basket, covered with a golden non-stick layer of hard titanium. Dimensional graduation and level indicator ensure ease of use. The filters are available in sizes 2 and 4 to fit almost any standard drip coffee maker.

Gold filter GF4S with scale (2) Gold filter GF2S with scale

Gold filters GF4 and GF2

Gold filter GF4

The GF2 and GF4 coffee filters fit almost any standard coffee maker. The filter foil encapsulated in plastic is made of 18/10 stainless steel with a golden hard titanium non-stick coating and ensures excellent coffee taste, durability and easy cleaning. The marking of the maximum filling quantity prevents overfilling the filter.

Gold filter GF2 (1) Gold filter GF2 (2)

One-cup filter GF300

One-cup filter GF300 (1)

The GF300 single-cup coffee-filter can be placed directly on the coffee cup and is thus particularly practical for the quick cup in between, without sacrificing excellent and perfect coffee taste. As with the other seleXions permanent filters, the filter foil is made of 18/10 stainless steel with a golden hard titanium non-stick coating.

One-cup filter GF300 (2) One-cup filter GF300 (3) One-cup filter GF300 (4)

Porcelain filter holder

Porcelain filter holder (1)

The seleXions porcelain coffee filter holder fits directly on coffee pots, thermos jugs and large cups. As a useful accessory to the gold filters, it is suitable for the preparation of up to 12 cups and thus ensures a perfect, natural coffee enjoyment, even without a machine.

Porcelain filter holder (2) Filter holder on coffee pot Filter holder on glass pot

Water distributor

Water distributor WVT4 (1)

The water distributors fit the seleXions gold filters in size 4 and the porcelain filter holder. This distributes the water evenly both in the machine and when brewing by hand, allowing the aromas of the coffee to develop better. The water distributor made of white plastic is also compostable and thus protects the environment.

Water distributor WVT4 (2) Water distributor WVT4Plus Water distributor WVT4 with pot and porcelain filter holder Water distributor WVT4Plus with pot and filter holder

Product designation

Permanent coffee filters, permanent filters for coffee and tea, Swissgold filters, gold filters and seleXions gold filters as well as other product designations basically stand for filters with a metallic foil or fabric structure.

History, development of the gold filter

As an alternative to paper, a coffee filter carrier was developed in the 1970s by "Swissgold" in Switzerland, primarily to replace the paper filter bags for coffee machines. Even then, these were electroplated metal foils with fine, elongated slot openings, which were joined together in a plastic injection molding process to form a conical basket. Essentially, today such filters are still manufactured using similar production processes.

The all-metal gold filter from seleXions

The new, patented all-metal gold filter from seleXions is a further development that dispenses entirely with plastic and consists only of a single stainless steel foil with micro-openings. This filter is completely covered with an additional protective gold non-stick layer of hard titanium. This hard coating simplifies cleaning and further extends the lifetime of the all-metal gold filter.

Taste influence of the gold filter

The well-known disadvantages of paper filter bags as flavor carrier inhibitors are completely compensated by the gold filter as filter medium with the open micro-slits. Due to its closed structure and absorbency, paper removes the "brewing colloids" (natural coffee oils and fats) dissolved in the hot water, which are the flavor carriers of any coffee.
The open structure with micro-holes in the gold filter allows all these natural flavor carriers to enter the coffee unhindered. This is where the difference in tasting coffee comes from.
Meanwhile, the new all-metal gold filter is also suitable for professional coffee tasting, because this new filter, like a ceramic filter, for example, is made of a mono-material and is absolutely neutral in taste.

The cost pays off

The gold filter is more expensive to buy than paper filter bags, but you won't need paper bags for years to come. It is also easy to use and can be left in the coffee maker for storage. The coffee maker is always "ready to go" with the gold filter!

The Goldfilter is ecological and sustainable

The gold filter is a very ecological and sustainable small everyday product for the kitchen, whose value you may not recognize at first glance. In particular, the new all-metal gold filter, made from the mono-material stainless steel, is a 100% recyclable product that does not need to undergo any material separation process in recycling. It can therefore be fed into a new life cycle with the scrap iron in an iron-foundry.

The gold filter is biologically interesting

The coffee grounds, which vary from about 50 to 80 grams depending on the amount of coffee infused, should not be disregarded. The pure coffee grounds, which can be tapped out of the gold filter, should definitely be added to the compost or also mixed with the plant soil of the kitchen herbs. It is much too bad to simply dispose of this valuable organic material in the garbage bin. Coffee grounds contain a lot of natural nutrients that are very important for plant growth, e.g. substances such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, nitrogen, etc., which are also contained in commercial fertilizers.

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